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  • Small
  • 9
  • Monthly billing
  • Up to 10,000
    monthly ITP users
  • Unlimited cookies
  • Self service
  • 14 days free trial
  • Medium
  • 39
  • Monthly billing
  • Up to 50,000
    monthly ITP users
  • Unlimited cookies
  • Self service
  • 14 days free trial
  • Large
  • 74
  • Monthly billing
  • Up to 100,000
    monthly ITP users
  • Unlimited cookies
  • Self service
  • 14 days free trial
  • Extra-Large
  • 349
  • Monthly billing
  • Up to 500,000
    monthly ITP users
  • Unlimited cookies
  • Assisted setup*
  • 14 days free trial

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Find out how many monthly unique visitors you have on your website by following one of our guides.

Any questions? We have the answers

How do you calculate unique visitors?

We will only calculate unique numbers visiting your website from affected web browsers, i.e., currently Safari browser. As other browsers are deploying changes to how they handle first-party cookies set client-side, those browsers will also be included in the number of unique visitors.

What if my number of unique visitors change?

The number of unique visitors will change over time due to seasonality, business growth, etc. When you sign up, simply choose your average unique visitor number. Cookie Saver will monitor your unique visitor number and, if relevant, contact you for any upgrades.

Does Cookie Saver affect the speed of my website?

No. The effect on the load time of your website is minimal. Cookie Saver runs on two scripts. The first one is executed almost instantly. The second one runs asynchronously, meaning that it runs separately from your website.

Can I add several small websites to 1 subscription?

Our prices are per brand, which mean you need to have a subscription for each of your brands. However, if you are running the same brand using multiple domains (e.g. country specific domains), it is possible to combine those websites into one subscription.

Is a subdomain considered a separate brand?

No, a subdomain is not considered a separate brand for the Cookie Saver.

For example:

  •, and are treated as 3 domains, 1 brand.
  •, and are treated as 3 domains, 1 brand.
  • com/en, and are treated as 1 domain, 1 brand.
  • and are treated as 2 domains, 2 brands

Why do you need unique visitors to calculate the price?

The higher the number of unique visitors to your website, the more requests are made for tracking and the more cookies you will need to keep alive in order to build your customer journey and attribute your marketing budget. That is why we need to know the number of unique visitors to your website in order to determine the price.

Can I add new cookies if I change my cookies?

Yes, you can add new cookies to the service anytime, at no additional cost.

Is it legal to use Cookie Saver?

Yes, Cookie Saver is only a service that transfers cookies set client-side to cookies set server-side. It’s not a service that blocks browser security features or hides tracking from website visitors. You need to have your cookie policy in place and naturally obtain consent from your visitors. So, if you comply with regulations on the use of cookies, you are all good.

What about WebKit’s Anti-Tracking Policy?

WebKit has published an Anti Tracking Policy available here. You should review it and consider its implications on your business. Cookie Saver can keep you unaffected by unintended impacts, as well as intended impacts.

How is Cookie Saver impacted by future ITP updates?

We strive to ensure that our service is not affected by any changes to Intelligent Tracking Prevention by continuously monitoring announcements from Apple and WebKit (the browser engine used in Safari) to stay on top of any updates. Latest announced update is ITP 2.3  which limits the use of CNAME cloaking. Cookie Saver is not affected by the latest ITP 2.3 update (informally known as ITP 2.4).

Do future ITP updates bring any changes to my subscription?

The simple answer is no. If any changes are introduced, we will promptly review the implications and update Cookie Saver accordingly without affecting your subscription. The same goes for any changes to other popular browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. Should any browser introduce functionality we cannot circumvent, your subscription can be canceled without further notice.

My first payment looks odd

The first invoiced amount will look strange. It will be less the monthly license fee in the plan. It’s because we invoice from the end of your trial period and until end of the calendar month. If your trial ends 19 June, the first invoice covers until 30 June, thus making the payable fee odd looking.

When does my 14-days free trial end?

It’s 14 full days in excess of the day you sign-up (UTC time). If you sign-up on 5 June at 10:00 UTC, your trial will end by midnight 19 June.

When can I terminate?

You can terminate the service at any time. Log in using your credentials and terminate the service. No additional fees will be charged, if we got no outstanding fees.

What about contracts and hidden charges?

We don’t have any hidden fees or other charges. There are no individual contracts. Simply sign up by confirming our standard terms of service and you’re up and running. You can terminate easily and with no long term commitments.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. If you need an alternative payment method, try reaching out and we are more than happy to assist.

How is VAT added?

EU based customers with a valid VAT-number will not be charged VAT (“reverse charge”). Customers outside the EU will not be charged VAT. Customers within the EU without a valid VAT-number will be charged Danish VAT.

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