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How it works

Cookie Saver transforms your cookies set client-side (using JavaScript) to cookies set server-side as part of an HTTP server response. Briefly said, cookies that are set by your 3rd party tools (analytics, marketing, cookie consent, etc.) will automatically be transformed into persistent HTTP response cookies by our unique solution.

And don’t worry – no cookie data is stored outside your browser!

In order to set cookies on your domain, we will guide you through an Alias record for a subdomain to your website that will point to our services.
It may sound technical, but in reality the idea is quite simple.


No coding needed

Easy setup using your Tag Manager and a subdomain to your current domain

Unique solution

Alias cloaking is a newly developed solution by Cookie Saver

Not browser specific

One solution covering Safari, Firefox, and more

Works with every cookie

Whether it’s analytics, marketing, affiliate, or website cookies, we got your back

Configure to your needs

Fully customizable solution for an easy integration with your current website

Fast and reliable

Using the world’s largest CDN ensures the highest performance


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