Stop Safari from erasing your cookies!

Collect up to 50% more 1st party data from Safari and iOS users.
Directly to your Google Analytics, Facebook and any other platform.

✓ Server-side cookies   ✓ 100% GDPR compliant    ✓ 0 Coding

    Restores your cookies

    Safari’s ITP hinders your tracking by limiting the duration of your 1st party cookies cookies to 24 hours / 7 days. Cookie Saver restores them to their original lifetime of 90 days / 2 years.

    We get rid of ITP´s side effect, so you can keep identifying users and collecting accurate data. 

    Complete solution

    There is no limit on the type of cookies (affiliate, consent, analytics, etc.) and number of domains that you can implement in a single setup. Cookie data flows directly into all your marketing platforms. 

    Worried about privacy? Cookie Saver is GDPR compliant and no data is stored outside your website!

    Supports anyone

    Cookie Saver is a scalable & high-performing solution starting from $11/month.

    You don’t need to be a techie or have a huge budget to recover your data. No need for ongoing maintenance either.

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    Join 600+ agencies & global brands

    Henrik Møller

    Partner @Change

    “I got Cookie Saver live in 30 minutes for my client saving Google Analytics, Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s been running for 14 days now and I see that no Safari data is being lost.

    An easy, yet powerful service.”

    Darren Carter

    MD, Principal @NYC SEM

    “Cookie Saver has been so fantastic for our clients.

    I can finally get conversion data into the ad platforms and see assisted conversion data that is accurate.”


    Head of PPC & Growth @Morning Train

    “Cookie Saver helps me significantly improve the data i collect for my clients, prove that the activities we’re doing are a success and scale both the clients and my revenue from the client to new heights.”

    Data to back your decision-making

    Full customer journeys

    Tracking returning visitors to understand buying behaviour and deliver consistent UX.

    Real, accurate data

    Less discrepancies in reporting in different platforms and unbiased A/B testing.

    Advertising (almost) as usual

    Visibility on conversion attribution and bigger audience for retargeting.


    Monthly ITP visitors


    Cookies saved

    Up to 40%

    Higher conversion rates

    Getting started

    • 1. Sign up

      Create an account in a few clicks –  no strings attached.

    • 2. Set up

      Create a setup and add NS records to your DNS provider.

    • 3. Configure

      Choose and configure the cookies to save.

    Make your cookies last longer