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The new Cookie Saver is out and ready to counter the unintended impact of the latest update of ITP 2.3. Find out how.

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Stay clear of ITP’s unintended impact

Keep making informed decisions on your marketing spend by staying on top of your Safari users. Cookie Saver keeps your marketing investments intact by eliminating unintended effects.

Transforms your cookies into HTTP cookies

ITP impacts cookies set client-side by limiting their lifetime to either 7 or 1 day. After expiration, you cannot recognize returning visitors. Cookie Saver keeps your cookies unimpacted by turning them into server-side cookies, so that you can stay one step ahead of your competition.

Complete solution for all your cookies

All your cookies are handled in one single setup –  making it easy to implement and manage. Enjoy a scalable & high-performing solution that’s running on the world’s best-performing network and does not affect user experience. No cookie data is stored outside your website!

Supports anyone doing digital marketing

No matter if you are spending millions or thousands on digital marketing, ITP is still impacting your marketing performance. Eliminating this bottleneck enables you to stay on top of your marketing data and your revenue drivers.

“Cookie Saver has been so fantastic for our clients. I can finally get conversion data into the ad platforms and see assisted conversion data that is accurate.”

Darren Carter, MD, PrincipalNYC SEM

“The Cookie Saver solution can be quickly deployed through any tag management system in a matter of minutes, so the solution is relatively painless compared to the impact of ITP 2.1.”

Josh West & Tim PattenAnalytics Demystified

“Personalization is hugely going to suffer from ITP 2.1. Obviously not if you are logged in as a user. But how do you build that relationship with a person that comes to your site if every time they come to your site, they are registered as a new user? People actually want more personalization”

Moe KissDigital Analytics ExpertAnalytics Power Hour ITP 2.1 Podcast

“I got Cookie Saver live in 30 minutes for my client saving Google Analytics, Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s been running for 14 days now and I see that no Safari data is being lost. An easy, yet powerful service.”

Henrik LindebjergLindebjerg Medier

How to get started in 3 simple steps

1. Sign up

As easy and quick as it should be. Use our signup form to get access to Cookie Saver.

2. Prepare

Follow our step-by-step guide to add Cookie Saver to your Tag Manager and start saving your cookies.

3. Deploy

Deploy Cookie Saver using your Tag Manager. Your cookies are now unaffected by ITP!

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